Coin Going Streamlined


While you’re reading this, there is a distinct possibility that you’re doing so on a slight lean.

That’s right, if you’re seated as you read NecesCity, perhaps at work, in the back of a cab, or even on a plane, you’re also probably sitting on a man-sized wallet stuffed with receipts, hastily scribbled phone numbers and cash, but also with air points cards, credit cards, corporate cards, store cards and ATM cards.  Men don’t carry purses; we carry virtually everything in our pockets, which mean wallets can grow to quarter pounder proportions, creating less than flattering bulges in suit jackets or back pockets and plenty of confusion at registers.

That’s where Coin, a new device from a clever bunch of lads in San Francisco, comes in. Essentially it’s a credit card avatar, one card to rule them all if you will. Simply plug the provided mini swipe machine into your smart phone and use the app to collect info from your various cards. That info is then loaded to Coin, a sleek, charcoal-coloured, wafer-thin card with a digital read out that replaces all that plastic bulk. Coin can be used in ATM machines or swiped as a credit card or debit card – all you have to do is press a single button to scroll through your pre-loaded cards. Coin will also send a Bluetooth message to your phone warning you if you’ve left it behind, while the password-protected app locks the card remotely if it loses contact with your phone for a pre-determined period

Pure genius.



From US$55, available for pre-order now


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