Know Roaming Put Roaming Fees in Their Place


None of us like nasty surprises.

 We don't like coming home to find the wife in bed with the IKEA delivery guy; we don't like turning up to the office to find the CEO under investigation for pension fiddling; we hate it when bartenders confuse chili's and olives when making our end-of-wee martini; and we certainly hate returning from abroad to a roaming phone bill the size of Big Ben. While we might not be able to do much about the first three scenarios - save for trading in wife, job, and bartender - there is help at hand for those roaming charges. After all, you may be an international man of mystery, but you're not made of money.

KnowRoaming is a new technology set to make waves this year. The smart sticker - that's right, a sticker embedded with computer chips - is attached to your existing phone sim card using a nifty applicator. It only becomes active when you've left your home country, connecting with local networks like something out of the Matrix to circumvent your home providers hefty roaming fees. The company behind the technology has already teamed up with 220 networks globally and a savvy little app allows you to check local call and data fees before calling, maintain pre-paid spending and call history, and even buy a local number for countries you visit frequently 

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None of us like nasty surprises.

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