The Emperor Your New Throne Has Arrived


Once upon a time, perhaps more years ago than you’d like to admit, you could be found perched on your Chuck Taylor All-Stars, staring at a boxy television, a game console controller clutched between sweaty mitts.

It’s a stage that many of us grow out of but rarely forget; in fact, thanks to the inherent competitiveness of our sex, it’s said there is a potential gamer in all men, it’s just a matter of finding the right challenge, whether it’s flying an F14 into battle, honing the deadly art of the ninja zombie, or winning the world cup for North Korea.

Introducing The Emperor, the ultimate environment in which you can experiment and discover your favourite gaming genre. The Emperor 1510, with its integrated Bose audio system, tilting capabilities, highly-stable steel structure and all-immersive LED screens, is an all-in-one throne for serious gamers looking to plug and play. Sure it’s manufacturers pitch it as the office of the future (can you imagine doing your taxes in one of these?) but the reality is techno-tastic man-throne is begging for an XBox or Playstation addition, double cup holders, and an overhead wet wipes dispenser. If you’re really living the gamer’s ‘vida loca’, the fully customisable Emperor Lx comes with leather seats, electric lumbar support, and climate controls.

No more sweaty mitts for you.



The Emperor by MWE Lab
Emperor 1210 from US$5,995, Emperor Lx from US$21,500


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