Thursday, 23.11.2017

Braven Take Your Music Anywhere


We’re a bit of a spoilt generation if you think about it.

Whereas once people had to talk to one another to be entertained, had to carry stacks of maps to navigate, had to stay close to home to use the phone, had to buy expensive equipment to take photos, and had to live life without a portable soundtrack, today most of us possess all that technology in our pockets. Having the ability to take your favourite music wherever on this sweet world we roam is especially a given, and as our expectations increase, so to must the technology evolve.

You’ll never hesitate to pump up the volume with the Braven BRV-1, the Bear Grylls of portable speakers. Made for everything from sun-bathed junk parties and hiking trips into the mountains, to off-piste ski trips and even white water adventures, the BRV-1 gives music junkies 12 hours of indestructible tunes, thanks to a ultra-lightweight IPX7 certified waterproof and shock-absorbent casing that fits in your palm and can take a beating like a cage fighter with a death wish. Simple on-speaker controls and a seamless Bluetooth wireless connectivity as well as cable connections for non-Bluetooth devices make it the perfect speaker option for group travel. And you can even charge your phone from its built in power pack.

May the music never die.



Braven BRV-1


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