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However impractical it might sound, not everyone makes plans in advance. We all have them – friends you can never nail down to a particular date and place, no matter the occasion; souls who seem to endlessly weigh their options rather than make a decision that they might have to stick to.

And when they travel, when they hit the open road with their carefree persona, they throw caution to the wind and invariably end up on someone’s couch, every hotel within their price range booked by more pragmatic punters.

A new hotel booking app aims to make us all a little more spontaneous when we travel. Hotel Quickly, available for Android and Apple, takes empty hotel rooms and flogs them to those looking for last minute accommodation. It’s a win-win; hotels fill up their inventory and travellers who welcome a little uncertainty can get themselves a pretty good deal – up to 20 percent off the normal rate - in some of the world’s most expensive cities. The app’s creators promise the best price guaranteed on a hand-curated collection of hotels. The only catch is you need to book on the same day you plan to stay, leaving you susceptible to high occupancy rates and the potential of another night couch-surfing, but therein lies the adventure.

Live life, one moment at a time.

Hotel Quickly


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