Hone Adding Disco to the Key Search


The timeless adage passed down from father to son goes a little something like this: “never leave your keys in your jacket pocket, always leave them in your pants, because if you lose your jacket you’re screwed; if you lose your pants…well, here’s hoping.” 

House keys, car keys, the keys to the secure Ap Lei Chau lock up where you keep your coveted collections of Milli Vanilli and Rick Astley merchandise, they’re the kinds of inanimate objects we take for granted – until we can’t find them. Many an hour has been wasted in search of these elusive household items, a night or two too many spent sleeping on the doorstep or on the neighbour’s rooftop waiting for rescue.

No more. Apple phone users will rejoice with the introduction of Hone, a keychain and linked app that turns your hidden keys into a mini disco ball with the press of a touchscreen. Effective from up to 100ft, the phone’s app sets off a mini light and sound show within a special tab, giving you a chance to find your keys and get in the groove at the same time. Compatible with iPhone 4S, 5, iPad 3 and 4 and iPad mini, the Hone fob runs on a single watch battery with a 6 month lifespan. You can even use multiple Hone devices on separate keychains and an Android version is in the works.

Leave others to pat your pants pockets.






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