Top 5 Candy for Your Ears


The Year of the Horse has kicked off and with its frantic business trips, holidays away with the lovelies and plenty of time sitting in airport lounges, noisy trains and roaring jets. It’s time you did your ears a favour with our pick of the top headphones on the market.

The recently released B&O Play BeoPlay H3 headphones from Bang & Olufsen should be on every regular travellers wish list. As elegantly designed as they are technologically sophisticated, the H6 over-ear headphones blend authentic sound with simple and superb ergonomic comfort. Made from anodized high purity aluminium, making them light yet durable, their New Zealand cowhide leather accents bring a little kink to your funk. Find them at Bang & Olufsen IFC, Shop 2008-9, Podium Level 2, IFC Mall, Central, +852 2526 8800;


Amp icon Marshall has unveiled a pair of retro-designed headphones that bring you a listening experience akin to being at a live rock concert, minus the topless mosh pit. With its over-the-ear design, the Marshall Monitors works brilliantly to isolate noise and disturbances while promising a comfortable, virtually weightless listening experience. Music lovers will enjoy the new treble filter system and deep bass. Find them at Disc Plus Shop 2021, IFC Mall, Central, +852 25069168;


The Beats Executive, the newest addition to Dr Dre’s headphone family and one that’s focused more on the older generation than the kids, is specially designed for busy executives and travellers to take on the road. These chic new headphones, which come with an aluminium body and soft leather cushioning, fold away easily, making them portable and easy to pack. The Executive headphones aren’t just good looking; excellent noise cancellation improve audio clarity, especially during the continuous noise of jet travel, and a custom EQ feature helps listeners create their own user profile.


Bowers & Wilkins recently introduced a new bold-blue family member to its award-winning P-series line of headphones. The Bowers & Wilkins P3 mobile hi-fi headphones retain the refined sound performance of the P-series, and deliver detailed and natural sound for music-lovers. The P3 feature a custom-made driver to ensure a high-quality and superb sound experience, and are durable, lightweight, and portable, thanks to an aluminium and rubber outer shell, a compact hard-shell carry case and an innovative folding mechanism. A complement of cable choices ensure seamless connectivity with a range of media devices.


Jabra continues to entertain the market with high-quality headphones like the Jabra Revo Wireless, an ideal combination of outstanding audio performance and fashionable design that elevates the listening experience. Aluminium and steel construction enhances durability, while the flexible headband keeps the headphones securely over the ears. Touch sensitive controls let users play and pause the music, and adjust the volume, with ease. Together with Jabra’s exclusive SoundApp, the Dolby Digital Plus technology builds a fuller and richer sound, while the NFC pairing design allows synchronization with other media devices.



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