Slyde Concept Change. It Can Be Good For the Soul


In the words of that champagne-swilling icon Winston Churchill, “to improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” With the relentless nature of work, the timeless shuffle from home to office and back again, and the endless pursuit for something better, we can so easily get caught up in routine, finding ourselves stuck in a rut, a groundhog day that sucks the very essence out of life. Change is good for the soul; it allows us to tackle the unexpected, challenge conventions, turn the tides on our own existence – and the change doesn’t have to be monumental; little steps leads to long journeys.

If you’re looking to change often, you might want to start with a rather snazzy piece of timekeeping known as the Slyde Concept. This revolutionary watch by HD3 marries precision engineering with the World Wide Web to create a face that can change as often as you’d like it to. An innovative display allows the user an almost infinite selection of wrist personas (as long as you like blue), from animated virtual mechanisms in 3D to digital modules overlaid on photos. Each ‘face’ features the time, date, time zone, calendar, moon phase, and a countdown timer, meaning you’ll be in the know, whoever you choose to be, and changing the face is as simple as swiping your finger.

Change who you are, from the wrist up.

Slyde Concept
From US$7,000
Available to boutiques in Taiwan, China, Japan and Singapore.


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