Diffcase PhoGo The Convergence of the Camera


If there was one factor that defines this past decade, it would have to be technological convergence. Over the past ten years or so, we’ve not been as busy creating new technologies as we have been marrying two or more existing innovations together to create something new, something we can’t figure out how we lived without before. From remote helicopters with spy capabilities, and televisions that double as home PCs, to wireless vibrators linked to smartphone apps, technological convergence is everywhere you look – but that doesn’t always mean it makes sense.

For would-be photographers without shame, there is the PhoGo, a light-weight iPhone case that turns your smart phone into a mini SLR camera…sort of. If you’re truly resolved not to use a real camera, but still fancy taking pics through life’s little adventures, the case features a range of detachable lenses, including macro and fish eye, for different effects, and also includes mounts for helmets, monopods and tripods, and even a sun visor to improve visibility when you’re setting up your next Facetagram gallery. Of course it’s only available for iPhone 5 and Ipod Touch 5 systems.

Pocket protector not included.

Diffcase PhoGo


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