AirCurve The powerless AirCurve speakers give Naughty By Nature a whole new meaning


We’ve all done it before, clamped our hands around our mouths to project our voice further, perhaps during drunken renditions of Rick Ashley’s Give You Up at KTV, or, even gone so far as to roll up a magazine to create our own megaphone, and in the process, win the award for “Most Annoying” at the party.


That said, sometimes what comes standard is not enough for the ranks of power-hungry, thunder-thirsty techno-geeks out there, looking for any reason to blast Wham’s Greatest Hits to all within earshot.
If you – like Captain Kirk – need more power or you simply love to see nature teach know-it-all humans a few things, the AirCurve (US$19.99) is a speaker without batteries, an alarm clock that has great sound and a stereo that takes its cue from the demon of all head-bangers, Mother Nature. Essentially, this Macworld award-nominated, transparent polycarbonate iPhone stand uses a specially-shaped, mathematically-engineered, coiled ‘horn’ to amplify your phone’s internal speakers by 10 decibels, without the use of electricity, making this little gadget as natural as a Latvian nudist beach. That said, it still needs your iPhone charger to pass through its base, lest you miss that morning wake up call (we all know iPhone batteries give it up like a WorldCom employee), so it might be better suited to one’s home office, where your Madonna Madness is more appreciated.
Because we all live in a material world.
International shipping costs will apply.
The Nuts & Bolts: Herpes, Katrina, Borat. Nature teaches humans another lesson with the powerless, hippie AirCurve speakers.


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