Vibease Master the Art of Gift-Giving


Buying a present for your significant – or not so significant – other can be a tough proposition. What do you get? How much should you spend? What’s appropriate for your relationship? And what if she doesn’t like it? Jewelry or a handbag might seem like a good idea, but you run the risk of being accused of not knowing her style well enough – or worse, she might think you’re more invested than you really are. Books or electronics might be practical, but might seem an easy way out, in which case you’ll probably hear about it for months, and at every birthday/Christmas/anniversary to come. Enter Vibease, the present that checks all her boxes.

At first glance, the Vibease is just another vibrator. But this little pink machine is actually a Bluetooth-enabled companion that can be controlled through two smartphone apps. The Vibease Fantasy app includes a library of erotic audiobooks, and at climatic moments of the story, wirelessly syncs with the vibrator. She might have read Fifty Shades of Grey, but Vibease will take her Christian Grey fantasies to a whole new level. If you’re always travelling and leaving your other half at home, the Vibease Intimate app lets you spice things up on the road without resorting to the awkwardness of Skype. Establish an internet connection between your phone and hers, and you can remotely control the vibrator from wherever you are in the world. So now you can keep her satisfied from miles away.

Talk about reaching out and touching someone.

Early Adopter Sale Price of US$79, RRP $99 plus shipping and handling.


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