Click & Grow Plants Technology Masters Indoor Gardening in HK


Growing plants in Hong Kong is tough. Just look at the north coast of Hong Kong Island – there’s barely a plant in sight. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want more plants in our lives, particularly edible ones, and that’s where Click & Grow comes in. The company sells hi-tech kits that allow you to grow vegetables and herbs with the minimum of fuss. And we mean the minimum. It’s the gardening equivalent of breezing through passport control with your HKID.

The remarkable technology consists of two pieces of kit: a pot and a cartridge. The former is made up of electronics, sensors, batteries, a pump and a water reservoir; while the latter includes seeds, nutrients and special software. Combined, they give the plant whatever it needs, whenever it needs it - whether that’s a bit more potassium or a dash more water. You’re not going to win any awards for your tomatoes but you are going to have a plant that’s not dead within a week.

Click & Grow was funded through Kickstarter and it’s alarmingly simple to use - check out the video for size. Different plants on offer range from chili to thyme, and painted nettle to basil, with the starter kits priced at US$79. The cost is the only drawback but at least you get to keep the pot and the electronics contained therien. Whenever you finish with one plant, you simply re-fill the pot with a new cartridge (plant) which cost US$19.99 each. The terminology might sound unfamiliar but think of its much like a printer except you can eat the goods - and it works when you need it to.

Life mastered by technology.

Click & Grow


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