Delorean Bicycle Iconic Car Reborn in a Bike


Every man loves a Delorean - even the name sends a tingle to your nether regions - and now the iconic car manufacturer has produced a bicycle bearing its hallowed name. Sure, a bicycle doesn’t have quite the same ring as a flying time machine, but it's still pretty cool. Buy one of these and you go from being a limp-wristed cyclist who can't (or won't) buy a car and turn yourself into a Delorean crusader. That’s a world of difference.

There is, however, a catch and that’s the price. The bike costs US$5,500 which is an astronomical amount of money. Heck, you could spend that and buy a real car. Expense aside, like the famous vehicle, the bicycle is fashioned from 100% stainless steel. The material doesn’t make it the lightest bike on the road but at least it has built-in reflectors. All over its body.

Made in Italy, the Columbus XCR™ steel frame actually has several palpable advantages including smoothness, stiffness (it transmits all the power to the peddles) and durability. The company has so far released the Delorean Anyday with two more models to come - the Delorean Speed and Delorean Cruise. We’re not sure a Delorean should ever be called Anyday or Cruise (they sound like no-carbs diet programmes) so we’d advise waiting for the Speed. Date T.B.C.

De lore of da land.


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