Etón Rukus Solar Speaker Solar Powered Speaker Starts Shipping


The Etón Rukus Solar speaker caused quite a stir at this year’s CES, and now the eco-friendly portable speaker has started shipping. The gadget looks a little clumsy, and this tragic video of a group of mates hanging out around the device is hilarious, but we think it’s still a winner for summer. A summer, of course, when the Hong Kong sun god shines (where’s he been?) otherwise this gadget won’t get above Volume 2.

Priced at US$150, the hand-held speaker pairs with media devices such as the iPad and iPhone via Bluetooth. The 40 square-inch solar panel charges the internal lithium battery in six hours under direct sunlight and offers eight hours of playback. If all else fails, it takes AA batteries but we reckon if you get Hong Kong on a good day - considering the catastrophic sunburn picked up on the average junk – you’d get it fully charged in four.

The Rukus Solar also has a standard mini-jack input for non-Bluetooth devices, a USB port to charge the speaker if the sun’s hiding (which can also charge your mobile devices) an e-ink display and playback controls. Most importantly, its two speakers offer a decent sound for a portable outdoor system, particularly at an upper mid range volume. If you’re always complaining about HK’s negligible environmental efforts, next time you’re going to the beach take the Etón Rukus Solar. And we’ll forget about the taxi that gets your there.

Gonna cause a ruckus.


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