Big Jambox Portable Speaker Jambox Gets an Upgrade


The original Jambox is our favourite wireless portable speaker so we’re delighted that Jawbone has unveiled a bigger version called Big Jambox. It’s nearly six times the size of the lightweight version which makes it less portable but more of a party. The number of times Jambox has saved us from awkward silences is staggering, not to mention the number of arguments about which colour looks best. Seriously, we’re that sad.

The new model delivers six times the volume of its predecessor and the design is just as striking. Compact enough to pick up with a single hand, it also comes with three new controls for Play/Pause, Previous/Rewind and Next/Fast-forward, while its bigger battery offers 15hr of playback (rather than 10hr) from a 2.5hr charge. One of its other cool features is a Live Audio setting that simulates 3D sound. It’s a great idea, but most of all, we want to meet the man who turned that witchcraft into reality. He must be brilliant at Zelda.

The device links up to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth, and it doubles as a speakerphone for casual conference calls. Oddly, it's available on Amazon rather than direct from Jawbone, and it’s US$300 - a lot for a portable speaker. That said, if you were happy paying US$200 for the smaller version then you’ll probably see the full fat model as decent value. Plus, if you take it in a cab, you can block out the sound of your taxi driver barking to his mates on one of his five phones.

Packs a punch.


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