Johnnie Walker Bar by Porsche Design The latest creation from Porsche Design is a private bar designed in collaboration with Johnnie Walker Blue Label.


Priced at US$150,000, the limited-production (50 units) bar is made-to-order and holds bottles of Johnnie Walker, crystal glasses, a crystal water decanter, an ice compartment, tongs as well as other accessories.


The Private Bar stands more than 6 feet tall and is made from brushed stainless steel, natural shagreen leather and Australian lace wood. It uses motion sensors to open automatically, with sections that pivot and slide to display its features.


The product line also includes a Chiller, a case made from brushed titanium and blue leather that holds a single bottle of Blue Label and an ice bucket. The final part of the series is the Cube which can accommodate a bottle of whisky, crystal glasses and tongs. Prices for The Chiller and The Cube are estimated at $375 and $770, respectively.



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