Wednesday, 18.10.2017

Remodelled SX-70 Polaroid Refurbished Polaroid for the 21st Century


The Impossible Project has given a boost to Polaroid lovers the world over by releasing the SX-70 Black. The camera takes us back to a time when you held photographs in your hand, rather than looked at them on a computerised slideshow with annoying music playing in the background that you can’t seem to turn off. We take more photos than ever before, but because of the increased volume, we care less about them. But it’s time for a backlash.

The camera is in fact a reconditioned SX-70, which was the hugely popular collapsible SLR produced by Polaroid in the 70′s and early 80′s. Priced at US$419, the SX-70 Black is roughly the average price of a camera today but you’ve also got to factor in the added costs of film. For that money you actually get two packs of PX600 Silver Shade UV+ Black Frame film and an Impossible ND filter so you’re as ready to go as a Cialis Colonel.

The best part is unfolding the camera from its flat-packed starting position. It’s just so satisfying. While on the technical side, it features a 4-element 116mm f/8 glass lens, electronic shutter, a socket for flashbars or electronic flash units, as well as a port for a remote shutter release. It also comes in various colours (including chrome) but there’s nothing classier than the simple Black Label edition. Just remember to be careful with your shooting or you’ll be out of film by lunch.

The good old days.


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