Marshall Fridge - Bachelor Must Cool Fridge Disguised as a Speaker


Some products reek of cool and the Marshall Fridge is one of them. It does exactly what it says on the tin (it’s a fridge that looks like a Marshall speaker) and it makes you want to be a rock star. Or at least play Guitar Hero in you living room at full volume with icy lagers pouring out of the fridge, surrounded by gorgeous leather bound women calling you their demi-god.

The front features Jim Marshall’s signature and logo, as well as authentic control knobs. It looks just like a speaker which means you’ll have hours of fun opening and closing it in front of your mates. The fridge, meanwhile, boasts 4.4 cu ft of storage which holds more than enough beers to keep you merry, although sadly it doesn’t come with the dry ice that makes the video extra cool. We’re sure you can just buy that for special occasions.

Although it's priced at US$299, they haven’t announced how much it will cost to ship to Hong Kong, but either way you can still put in your pre-order for its October release. We can’t think of many better ways to kit out your bachelor pad. It’s a perfect example of form married with function; like a rich, fat men with a beautiful, young lady hanging off his arm. The formula works.

Marshall the troops.


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