Wednesday, 22.11.2017

Intoxicase Smart Bottle Opener iPhone Case with a Brain


The Intoxicase is a cool if slightly fanciful iPhone case which combines a bottle opener with an app and some other jolly features. It's handy for junks or trips to the beach but it's also got a purpose at home because bottle openers tend to go missing. Their ever-mysterious location might relate to your state of mind in which you use them, but there's no denying they've got a penchant to disappear.

And that's where the Intoxicase comes in. First and foremost, it offers a strong protective case that doesn't damage or warp the phone, which also suggests a ludicrous amount of models were chucked in the bin during testing. We're just thankful they didn't attempt it in Hong Kong - there are never any iPhones in stock here. It's available in two models, Intoxicase and Intoxicase Plus, and we'd recommend the latter because it has a collapsible bottle opener rather than a permanent hook. You don't want it snagging on your jeans when you're trying to look smooth.

Priced at US$45, it also includes an app which plays your favourite song when you crack open a new bottle, counts how many beers you've popped, finds your car if you parked far away, calls a cab if you've had one too many and lets you share you're imbibing through Facebook and Twitter. The latter of which, we hate. Stop blocking our news feeds with how lashed you are/were/will be. Or even worse, how sore your head is.



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