Binocktails Drinking Gadgets Disguised Hipflasks for the 7s


Smuggling booze into the 7s is a worthwhile task, not only because you save a penny and skip the mammoth queues, but in the case of Binocktails, you'll have a laugh while you’re at it. Their hipflasks look like every day objects but they’re just shells you can fill with your favourite tipple. An eagle eyed security man would realise your Blackberry is in fact a Bev-Berry (we like) but you’re not going to be taking it through HKIA. And for everything else it works just fine.

The gadgets were developed by a Hong Kong expat who found himself at one too many boring events needing a drink, most recently a Kylie Minogue concert. He’s designed three units - a Blackberry, a camera and binoculars – but if you really want to party you can carry them all. The only issue with that strategy is you’d also be in possession of two phones, two cameras and possibly two binoculars. We’re hesitant about having two sets of binoculars because nobody uses one in the first place. You buy a pair, play with them once and then keep them in a draw until you move house.

They cost HK$92-126 depending on the model so they pay for themselves after just a couple of drinks. Our advice, however, is to buy the ‘Partier’s Package’ which consists of all three devices for HK$304. We think they're ideal for long trips to the in-laws. You just have to make sure your real phone doesn't start ringing in your pocket otherwise you'll look like a complete cretin. Not to mention an alcoholic.

Drinking for Jason Bourne.

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