Thursday, 23.11.2017

Zooka iPad Speaker Speaker Solves Device's Key Problem


The major flaw of the iPad is its puny speaker. It’s less effective than the UN envoy to Syria but fortunately we’ve come across Zooka. It provides five times the sound of the iPad’s built-in speakers, attaches to the top of the gadget, and sets you up for the most outrageous YouTube sharing sessions known to man. ‘Related Videos’ are the devil incarnate.

Zooka offers everything you’d want from a speaker. It’s Bluetooth enabled which is great when you’re wandering round a room but not so good when you need to be more portable (the whole point of an iPad). At about 30 metres you leave the speaker’s range and that’s when you attach it instead. What’s more, you can hook up any device to its Bluetooth function – such as your iPhone – so it’s as versatile as Madonna would like to be. Who told her she could direct films?

Priced at US$89, it also has a 3.5mm outlet to connect it to non-Bluetooth, 19th century devices - offering a hint of nostalgia with every track. Apart from that, it’s also made from medical grade silicone which is essential for withstanding the wear and tear of travel. You can almost smell junk season and there’s nothing worse than being stuck on the top deck with no music so it could be a great investment. Best of all, they’re just about to wrap up funding but you can put in your pre-order now.



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