Steve McQueen Triumph Hollywood Legend in Bike Form


The great estate of the late, great Steve McQueen has joined forces with Triumph to create a limited edition motorcycle that's the epitome of cool. Sure, you might be terrified of a big motorbike - a 50cc scooter in traffic free Vietnamese countryside is all we can handle - but you have to take your hat off to this beauty. There's not only a story behind the engineering but only 1,100 are being built - all individually numbered.

The design is inspired by the classic Triumph Trophy TR6 that McQueen rode during THAT scene in The Great Escape. It features a military style Matte Khaki Green livery and comes with blacked out everything including wheel rims, hubs, handlebars, rear springs, mirrors and front mudguard supports so you can avoid the search lights. You'll also find the actor's signature on the side covers.

McQueen was reputed to own 138 motorcycles at the time of his death in 1980 so you shouldn't feel guilty about ordering a Triumph Steve McQueenTM Edition. The 866cc monster will be distributed worldwide from April, offering 67bhp at 7500rpm which produces a sound from Greek mythology. It costs USD9,999 on the road excluding quite a few fees like taxes, license, options - and the price is actually determined by the dealer - so it's a bit like booking an Air Asia flight. Scale up by about 50% on your initial quote.

A triumph.


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