eSupply EES-SP021 Speaker Slick Portable Wireless Speaker


The Jambox is the benchmark for portable wireless speakers but it's finally got some competition from the eSupply EES-SP021 which is classy in all but name. Can you imagine asking your friend if he'd remembered it:

'Did you bring your EES-SP021?'
'No Darth.'

It does actually look like something from Star Wars, or perhaps the sleeve for transporting a nano virus that Tom Cruise, shudder, has to save the world from.

Priced at US$150 and weighing just 170 grams, the chromed device has novel twisting mechanisms which control its music. Most importantly, however, the speaker offers 20Hz - 20KHz and 4ohm impedance on top of A2DP wireless audio technology, which in English, means it sounds like steroids. A fitting tribute if you're blasting out some Whitney this morning. RIP.

It delivers 20 hours of playback from a 3.5 hour charge - more efficient than China's national power grid - or you can enjoy 12 hours of voice recognition. Who'd speak for 12 hours straight is beyond us, save for a Republican primary candidate, but it might come in handy when you're revising for an MBA. You can also switch seamlessly from dictating notes to playing some crunky DnB which is the joy of being a student after all.

Getting high on your eSupply.


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