Wednesday, 18.10.2017

Best Whisky Gadgets in the World Good whisky made even better by great gadgets


Whisky is a man's best friend but there are plenty of ways to drink the devilish delight that add quality, ease or just plain humour:


The Roller Rock glass is designed to keep your ice ball on the side of the glass so you can swirl it around with consummate ease - and that's half the fun of drinking. On a practical note, it chills your scotch without watering it down too much. Buy


These shot glasses can be used to drink more than whisky but the stone finish makes your scotch taste like cold gold. Buy


This is one for the boys who loved their science kits growing up but now want to get tipsy off their projects. You can watch the colour of your whisky evolve and taste it as it matures, not to mention drink your own special brew. Buy


Cold stones and whisky is a match made in heaven because they chill the spirit without watering it down. Buy


If you've got a great bottle of scotch it doesn't serve anyone putting it in the Mickey Mouse glass you've had since you were three. Buying a nice glass like the Glencairne (above) makes the experience that much more wholesome. Buy


Bender Bound takes real books on professional subjects such as law and aviation and cuts out the pages so you can fit in your whisky bottle. It's clean, honest fun that comes in handy when you're trying to avoid your girlfriend's judgement... or your boss's. Buy


Even though you can't buy this glass/stand/decanter combo online it was just too cool to leave off the list. The glasses have a hole in the centre which makes the aroma smoother and the taste more rounded. The stem and decanter, meanwhile, are as slick as you like and stack up the glasses in an orderly, artistic fashion. See more


A small flask which not only acts as a spare stash but also gives you a 'tache when you sip from it. Buy


These little beauties have already been featured on our Christmas List and although it's difficult to get your hands on them, they're worth the effort. Buy


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