Magic Cube Keyboard Portable Projection Mouse & Keyboard


The Magic Cube projects a mouse or keyboard onto flat surfaces which liberates you from the small buttons on your smartphone or iPad. It’s the stuff of the future and has cropped up in many a pub conversation. “One day, we won’t even have computer screens. We'll just have gadgets that project on to…” This device is the commercial birth of that fantasy. We can only imagine what it means for pornography.

The Magic Cube’s lasers can project a full size keyboard onto pretty much any flat, opaque surface and it requires very little space to operate. It’s designed to complement small computers, from iPhones to tablets, and is powered by a long-lasting lithium battery which connects via a USB port. It also has a power saving mode - essential when you’re travelling – although if you’re flying economy we doubt the keyboard will fit on to your hobbit sized table.

It can link up to any device which has Bluetooth HID support, but intriguingly, typing on the Magic Cube is a little different to typing on a keyboard. In this video they stress the importance of resting your palms well in front of the keyboard, while elevating your fingers is equally essential. Priced at US$170, the secretaries in Mad Men would have had it down to a tee. Along with perfect posture and an admirable eagerness to please their men.

Magic, but it’s not a cube.

US$169.99 (Amazon)


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