SPIN-R Watch Winders Cool & Affordable Watch Winders


SPIN-R produces watch winders that are green, offer value for money and look pretty slick as well. You don’t buy a smart watch without being able to maintain it but watch winders are also cool in their own right because they appeal to man’s love affair with gadgetry. They’re mechanical devices designed to serve other mechanical devices (watches) and what could be more masculine than that? Or more confusing to the opposite sex.

Their first watch winder, The Singles, has multiple tuning options from 650-1800 TPD (turns per day) and you can set it to wind clockwise or counter-clockwise to meet your watch’s specifications. Priced at HK$1,888, it comes with a year long warrantee and runs on the most eco-friendly lithium battery in the world. If it’s good enough for the Prius it’s good enough for us – not that it will make any difference to the perpetual smog of Hong Kong.

Meanwhile their second watch winder, The Twins, builds on the qualities of The Singles by introducing an LCD touch screen panel as well as a second watch winder. It also features LED background lighting which illuminates your timepieces so you can sit in the corner of a dark room admiring your purchases. Available in black and white, it costs HK$3,688 but also has a better battery life than The Singles so if you want to wind up your lady friend this Christmas (pun intended) you know what to get.


Room 15, G/F, Block B,
Goodview Ind. Bldg.,
11 Kin Fat Street, Tuen Mun
2988 6588


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