nPower PEG Power Generator Portable Personal Clean Energy Generator


The nPower PEG Personal Energy Generator is as handy as it gets. Powered by passive kinetic energy, you simply carry the device in your pocket while it charges up to power your own gadgets. The amount of times you're watching a film in transit but your iPad runs out of battery just as Bruce Willis is about to apply the coup de gras is phenomenal; making this perhaps the simplest solution to a very new age problem we've ever seen.

Designed to power handheld devices such as an iPad or an MP3 player, you can sling it in your rucksack or your 'manbag' without giving it another moment's notice. Priced at US$156, they're currently being produced to match demand but for that price and with perpetual clean energy at stake don't be surprised if the orders are backed up by savvy extra terrestrials or resource fanatics. By the end of 2012 we expect to see a picture of Al Gore grinning on the packet.

If you're one of those chaps who thinks a single marathon isn't really pushing yourself - but also like to hear a song or two when you're in the wild - this is the gadget for you. Here's a video describing the PEG with a jazzy tune of its own and although it's marketed at students, commuters in large cities and outdoor enthusiasts, there are also plenty of applications for the military. It can be difficult finding AAA batteries in Basra after all.

Wilderness & tech combined

nPower PEG
Personal Energy Generator


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