NecesCity Christmas List 2011 – For Good Boys & Bad Hopefully you’ll have been well behaved this year because come Christmas time you’re going to want a lot of this stuff. You don’t actually need any of it but you’ll want it so much you'll feel like you do. So, in no particular order, here are a few things you should forward around the world with an eye on the 25th.


Kung Fu Get Away on Lantau

You can learn Shaolin Kung Fu on Lantau Island and that’s a top Christmas gift. Aside from spiritual guidance you’ll learn to kick the Shaolin way. How spiritualism and fighting go together is another matter but it’s only HK2,400 for a week’s worth of tuition including traditional meals and a roof over your head.


Canon Lens Mugs

These Canon lens mugs look like the real deal, turning tea time from an activity very much associated with the fairer sex in to something altogether more masculine. Starting as US$24, they come in big sizes which means they’re guy friendly so you don’t have to keep running in to the kitchen to fetch your chocolate milk.


First Edition of James Bond from Lok Man Books

Lok Man Books is the place to go for unique reads in Hong Kong and they’ve got a complete first edition of Ian Fleming’s James Bond in stock. He’s still the epitome of male cool and might even get you to pick up a book instead of melting into the sofa, again, to watch the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy. At HK$120,000 it’s incredibly pricey but it's an investment and you’re worth it, aren’t you?


Stain Proof Commuter Jeans from Levis

If you’re one of those guys who cannot go a day without spilling something down you - these Commuter jeans by Levi’s are made for you. Priced at US$78, they actively repel dirt, coffee, water and pretty much everything except for fire. They’ve been designed so you can ride a bike to work without having to worry about getting splashed and sullied by passing cars. The best thing is function doesn’t affect style, so all we need now is an equally stain repellent dress shirt.


Aviator Chair made from Fighter Planes
The Aviator Lounge Chair by Cattaworks present isn’t just over the top, it’s from another constellation. It’s probably the most stylized chair we’ve ever seen and it’s made from parts of old fighter planes. Only five have been produced and you only need to take one look at it to realise see why it costs US$15,000. Your mates would drool over it - which is exactly what you want from a Christmas present - so long as their spittle avoids the upholstery


Moonshine Cologne

We know most moonshine smells horrific but we’ve discovered a moonshine cologne that claims to offer a “woodsy aroma with hints of spice: including notes of black pepper, tobacco, leather, gin, and patchouli.” They also tell you to “Be bold - Bask in the MOONSHINE” so we’re pretty sure it would knock down a rhino, but that’s just the kind of effect you want from a US$72 scent.


X-BOX Star Wars Kinect Edition

The X-BOX Star Wars Kinect Edition doesn’t come out until just after Christmas but getting the certificate saying it’s on its way would taste like nectar. The console looks like R2D2 (emitting an R2D2 sounds when the CD draw opens) while the controller resembles C3PO. On top of that, it packs in 320GB of memory (a first for Xbox) but the best bit is you’ll be an actual JEDI in your living-room. The Kinect picks up on your movements like the Wii so you’ll get to wield your light-saber between droids with your right hand while using your left to control The Force. You read it – you can control the force with your own hands – for US$449.


Balloon Ride over Bagan, Burma

North Korea aside, Burma is the last Asian nation which is still pretty much closed to the outside world. That’s changing all the time, however, as the political reforms of the last few weeks bear witness so you should move fast to see the pagodas of Bagan before it’s overrun. We were tipped off by Lightfoot Travel, and it’s a fairly reasonable US$320 to see it by hot air balloon over Christmas. Most visitors think the temples surpass those in Angkor Wat. The only downside is if you’ve go with a lady friend she’ll be expecting a ring on her finger by the end of it.


Stainless Steel Ice Cubes

We’ve been waiting a long time to show you these little puppies (HK$210). They’re stainless steel ice cubes that keep your drink chilled without watering it down – and they look like they should be in a rap film. Coated in a slick material that leaves no taste and doesn't absorb the good stuff, we’re pretty sure they can also form ammunition for a very dangerous weapon.


Free F1 Simulator at Sideways Hong Kong

Ever wondered how you’d fare against the top F1 drivers in the world? We’ve got a few vouchers to give away to Sideways Driving Club in HK where you’ll race on the same software used by the Red Bull F1 team. It’s very similar to the real thing - minus the g-forces and hospital trips - and there’s some pizza and beer thrown in as well. To get your hands on a voucher, simply tell us the best Christmas present we’ve missed off this year’s list. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your answer.


Void V01LED from Hong Kong

Void’s a cool Hong Kong company that has just unveiled a cracking new watch, the V01LED. It harks back to the glory days of LED watches in the 70s with a display that lights up when you press the time/date button. Priced at €165, it's not only a slick design but also looks like it comes with the power of teleportation.


Two Sided Soap with Arse/Face Solution
Finally, for a stocking filler you can avoid rubbing your arse in your face, so to speak, with this double sided soap (US$4.95). Cross contamination is not on your Christmas wish list so on one side it says ‘arse’ and on the other it says ‘face’. It was just a matter of time before someone came up with this brilliant idea but you’ve got to commend the inventor nonetheless.



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