Wednesday, 18.10.2017

Jawbone UP Track Life for Healthy Living


Jawbone has released UP, a wristband and App combo that helps you live healthier. It's not for everyone but it is surprisingly powerful so if you still need your mother to remind you to eat, or if you're a health nut who likes to monitor your body to CERN proportions, it's a savvy purchase.

It has all sorts of functions such as tracking your steps, distance, calories and GPS route and it also alerts you when you've been inactive for too long. A problem for most of us on Sunday afternoons. It also monitors your sleep cycle and wakes you up gently with a vibration at the opportune moment - rather than when you're just about to slay a dragon with your light sabre. Priced at US$100, it's not available through Jawbone's Hong Kong distributor Brightstar until early next year but in the meantime you can snap it UP from Amazon for US$149.

The waterproof gizmo is available in various sizes and colours and it's equally effective at managing nutrition. You can upload your meals and tell it how you feel after eating certain foodstuffs which in turn will help you optimise your intake. If that's not enough to give you data dementia UP steers you towards better hydration and you can also compete in various challenges with friends - although we're not sure you'll have any left if you don't look up from your new toy.

On the UP.

Jawbone UP


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