H20 Audio Waterproof Cases iPod Cases for Swimmers (& Runners)


Some of the most useful iPod cases are the waterproof numbers but there’s only one place to buy them - H20 Audio. If you’re a swimmer and enjoy listening to the sound of whales singing to each other, Chariots of Fire (definitely a breaststroke tune) or some Eminem (individual medley) then you’ll want to wrap up your iPhone safely.

They stock a comprehensive selection of different cases suited to different iPods, from the Nano to the iPhone, and you can also get various relevant accessories. Chief among them are accompanying armbands – pretty essential – and waterproof headphones – equally essential. Our one concern is you’ll be so sheltered from the outside world you’ll never realise when you’re about to hit the wall. Much to the delight of the poolside spectators.

Our picks are the Interval 4G Waterproof Headphone System (the only waterproof iPod case designed just for swimmers) and the Surge 2G Waterproof Sport Headphones. The latter are the finest waterproof headphones around and are capable of plunging to 12ft. At US$39, even if you’re only going to use them in the shower they’re a great purchase but they're also suitable for Hong Kong runners and cyclists. The rain here could wash away Rome.

Singing in the rain.


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