Wednesday, 22.11.2017

Dyson Hot Amazing Hot Air Multiplier from Serial British Inventor


Dyson has once again taken a very boring object, a heater, and turned it into a beautiful piece of design, the Dyson Hot. We can’t even imagine what conversations are like in the Dyson canteen, let alone the quality of their cutlery. If Ferrari, Gulfstream or a rogue nation managed to get hold of their engineers we’d see some very interesting results.

The Dyson Hot is based on Air Multiplier™ technology which produces ‘long range heat projection to heat the room evenly’. Hong Kong's already beginning to cool down and in the winter it would come into its own. There are no blades so it’s easy to clean and there’s an automatic cut out switch which sparks into life as soon as the unit’s tipped over. It’s essentially child-friendly but that comes at a price - it doesn’t prepare them for the perils of the Dyson-free outside world.

You can move the heater around manually and it clamps automatically which means you can direct the heat wherever you want. Although it's not available at Dyson's Hong Kong retailers yet, you can buy it off Amazon right away or pre-order through Gurus of Happy Valley. It comes with a magnetic remote that sticks to the heater so you don’t have to play the joyless game of ‘where’s the remote’, but perhaps best of all it has a powerful cooling mechanism. This function is ideal for your terrace in the summer or cooling off after you've trudged up to your 4th floor walk up. We think it would be immensely liberating to stick your hot head right in the middle of the cooler.

As hot as a heater will ever be.


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