Thursday, 23.11.2017

ExoConcept Clean Energy Carbon Fibre Watercraft


The Exo is an environmentally friendly watercraft unveiled at this year’s Cannes Boat Show. Now available for pre-order, it’s the type of toy you only really buy if you’ve got a lot of money. And if you’ve got a lot of money there’s a good chance you’ve got a boat so they could be on to a winner. We just hope it makes it onto some junks.

It comes in carbon fibre or reinforced ABS with power options ranging from kWh 3.5 – 7. It doesn’t produce smoke or noise which should be enough to keep Al Gore happy (he might be less pleased with the massive superyacht it’s kept on) and it runs for up 2.5 hours. It’s not as fast as a jet ski but with ecology high on the global agenda it’ll grab some market share in all but Texas.

Prices start at €7,290 excl. delivery and it looks great - but we have a couple of concerns. It appears uncomfortable to ride and the video also shows a lot of water splashing into the driver’s face. Although we know getting wet is an acknowledged hazard of the sea, we’re not sure how much fun it will be to constantly wipe your eyes. Of course that does open up a nice market for ExoConcept branded goggles...

Exo, exo – read all about it.

From €7,290 excl. delivery
(Regional suppliers TBC)


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