Dunhill Solar Charger Slick Solar Charger from Dunhill


Dunhill has released a small, solar charger which can power devices such as MP3 players and mobile phones. It’s a top purchase if you have an iPhone - its battery’s poorer than Sierra Leone. The amount of times you suddenly realise you’ve only got 2% left and still haven’t met up with your friends is enough to make you pine for the trusty Nokia 3210.

In terms of aesthetics, Dunhill delivers with its usual panache while the gadget is also surprisingly powerful. It offers up to 30 hours of charge time and can be charged through a USB drive or the power of the sun. Green energy is very en trende at the moment so we expect it to be a big hit with stylish environmentalists who refuse to eat anything except organic pulses.

The chassis is made from aerospace grade aluminium which is totally pointless but very cool and it comes with ‘Alfred Dunhill’ engraved on the unit. It’s then packaged in a black, leather case which isn’t quite as Star Trek as the charger but that's being picky. Next time you’re on the beach and cursing your sand-crusted phone for dying on you, just log on to Dunhill’s website and make a purchase. As soon as you get it charged again.


Dunhill Solar Charger


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