Polara Sensational Self-Correcting Golf Ball


Polara has released a self-correcting golf ball that reduces your miscues by up to 75% - an improvement that will thrill most golfers. Only a few of us step up to the tee confidently, leaving the rest of us to approach a golf ball with the same odds we face at the roulette table. Worst of all, the first hole is usually right in front of the merciless club house

The technology behind the balls is four-fold, combining shallow dimples, small dimples, deep dimples and three different layers of material. Check out the videos if you’re not convinced but our advice is to buy Polara balls without telling your golfing buddies. You can then swing like you’ve never swung before, enjoy their open-mouthed disbelief, and never have to buy the first round of drinks ever again.

Polara's noted performance has been verified by Golf Labs Robot which provided a scientific comparison between various balls on the market and Polara’s. Specifically, two types of balls are on offer from Polara, the Ultimate Straight and Ultimate Straight XS, with the latter designed for better golfers.

Polara sells a variety of combinations but the trial pack is the most appealing, comprising half a dozen of each type of ball for US$29.95 including shipping. It’s worth remembering that even if you spend more on Polara balls in the first place, you’ll probably save money and time by not fluffing them into the rough quite so regularly. Not to mention restore your lost pride.

They still can’t help with your putting…



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