Aqua Star USA Sea Scooters for All


Aqua Star USA produces sea scooters that can be used by anyone, regardless of diving qualifications or experience. If you haven’t had the time to get your PADI or you simply have an aversion to wet suits then they're a cool purchase. The machine looks like a throw back to the titanic suits used by deep sea divers of old, an Iron Man outfit, but one look at the lad steering it will tell you it’s a toy. He looks like he’s just come off the beach in Marbella.

Their two scooters, AS1 and AS2, move along at roughly 4mph and up to a depth of 40 metres while their power supply lasts for two hours. That’s more than enough time to see the local marine life and leave the water looking like a shriveled raisin. They each have two motors, one for horizontal movement and one for vertical, and their controls work like a typical motorbike. The only issue is the head space looks nearly as claustrophobic as spending a night in a caravan with Lady Gaga.

Prices begin at roughly US$11,000 (which is expensive) but one of the key attractions is that all the cumbersome breathing apparatus is mounted onboard. This leaves you free to dismount, swim around and climb back on whenever you like. Just make sure you leave it in park – you wouldn’t want to see it heading down to Davy Jones’s locker.

Scoot, scoot.

Aqua Star USA
AS1 - US$10,900; AS2 - US$15,900
Free shipping until current stock is sold out


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