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If you’re a PC user who has always been envious of your buddy’s Apple MacBook Air, you can now watch his face turn green when he sees you sporting the world’s thinnest laptop.

That’s right, Dell, which is not exactly known for its innovative design, has really upped the ante with its new “Adamo” laptop, the epitome of a perfect marriage between design and technology. Only 1.7 cm thin, it weighs merely 1.8kg, which is lighter than a stack of FHMs. Attached to the full-size keyboard is the 34cm, edge-to-edge glass screen that displays images in 16:9 HD. Meaning “to fall in love with” in Latin, Adamo will definitely be coveted by many for its sleek design, yet tough aluminium exterior. Internally, it’s powered by Intel’s Core 2 Duo processor (1.2GHz or 1.4GHz), with 2GB of RAM and five hours worth of battery life. It runs on Windows Vista, and provides wireless and Bluetooth connectivity. Valued at US$1,999, it comes in two designs – the light-coloured “Pearl” (etched silver aluminium) and the dark-coloured “Onyx” (brush finished onyx aluminium). So slick, you might just be tempted to get both to suit your different moods.

Have you fallen in love yet?

Dell Adamo
Tel: 2969-3100

The Nuts & Bolts: Take our advise, brother: Carry around the world’s thinnest laptop, the Dell Adamo, and you’ll make heads turn.


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