The Cave Diamond Shaped Inflatable Ten


Heimplanet has unveiled a diamond shaped inflatable tent called The Cave. Despite its ominous name it's very easy to put up which makes it perfect for those trips to Tai Long Wan. If you’ve hiked for hours and the sun’s about to set the last thing you want to do is muck around with fiddly hooks and canvas. Even a man who struggles with Ikea could get it up. So to speak.

The frame of the device has got another amusing name, ‘Inflatable Diamond Grid’ – or IDG for short – and takes a minute to pump up. It works fabulously well in stormy weather and because the frame is sub-divided into five sections, even if one part gets damaged it stays solid. Forget camping in Sai Kung, you could erect this tent in Tripoli.

Even more pertinent to the conditions in Hong Kong, however, are The Cave’s five ventilation openings that provide airflow from bottom to top. All in all, we’ve never heard of a tent as technical as The Cave - check out the specs of the grid for instance - so if you’re a keen camper or just plain paranoid then it’s the one for you.

Camping colossus.

The Cave
US$669 + $59 shipping


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