The Key Cobra Clever Cobra Tag Finds your Keys with your Phone


The new Cobra Tag means you’ll never lose your keys again. Once you’ve attached the tag to your keys you simply use the Cobra application on your phone to make the keys ring. It’s an ingenious solution to one of the world’s most common problems - one that most of us have thought of but haven’t had the cojones or inclination to get a patent out there. Fools.

The Cobra Tag actually works both ways so if you’ve got your keys but have lost your phone, you can also use the tag to make your phone start ringing. There are plenty of other applications for the Cobra Tag, not least a host of juvenile pranks involving unsuspecting friends at weddings and the theatre. They won’t know where the ringing’s coming from.

Another useful feature, meanwhile, is the PhoneHalo application which can be set to lock your phone when it’s out of range of your tagged item. You’ll also get a reminder if you’re leaving your valuables behind and you can also check in with their GPS coordinates to find out where they are.

The tags are not restricted to keys either - you can attach them to anything valuable from a wallet to a computer bag. Though if you can’t find something the size of a computer case, you’ve probably got bigger problems.

All for US$60.

Cobra Tag


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