Liquid Image HD Goggles Epic HD Wide Angle Scuba Mask


There are few things as irritating as a wet suit – they frankly should be confined to the world’s fetish dungeons - so the fact people wear them is testament to the joy of scuba diving. And there are few better ways to dive than by recording the adventure with Liquid Image’s Wide Angle Scuba Series HD.

It captures your liaisons with various forms of marine life as well as your awkward movements under the sea, all in wide-angled, razor sharp HD. In technical terms, the camera records HD 720P video as well as 5.0MP still images up to a depth of 40m/130ft, which should be more than enough to scare most divers and bemuse most fish.

The goggles feature a micro SD/SDHC card slot and come with a 2GB micro SD card, but you can upgrade to 32GB. As with oxygen, it’s a pain if you run out of memory under water so it’s a good purchase. To change the mode you simply press the goggle’s lever-like buttons which is easy to do even if you’re wearing diving gloves.

We can think of several uses for the HD goggles other than diving - becoming a swimming pool voyeur for instance – but whatever your subject matter; the camera will capture it beautifully.

Liquid magic.

Liquid Image Scuba Series HD 720p Wide Angle
US$349 excl. shipping from Amazon


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