Grand Hyatt Steakhouse Steakhouse Opening in Grand Hyatt Hong Kong


The Grand Hyatt Hong Kong is to open a glorious new restaurant on March 21, a Steakhouse heralding in a whole new era for the city's carnivores. It's great news because man loves steak. It is the most testosterone-conducive form of meat-eating, evoking echoes of men through the ages standing over their prey with a tough decision to make: Béarnaise or Peppercorn sauce. The hunter-gatherer might be long gone but the love affair remains.

The Grand Hyatt's new restaurant offers the absolute pinnacle of the steak world, Japanese Kumamoto Wagyu Beef. Cared for as you would a Victoria's Secret model, massaged regularly and bathed in classical music – these cows give as good as they get.

The eatery can seat 110 people, serving an array of cattle from Canadian Heritage Angus Beef to USDA Prime Nebraska Beef. The meat is cooked in a custom-built broiler where it's heated to over 900ºC. This process sears the outside of the steak, giving it an extraordinary flavour. Other little distractions include a Seafood and Oyster Bar, a Salad Bar, a wine room,and a cigar tasting room which is set to open in the near future.

You're not there to eat anything else.

Grand Hyatt Steakhouse
Location: 2/F, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong,
1 Harbour Road, Wan Chai
Reservations: 2584 7722


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