Sushi Sase Top Notch Sushi on Hollywood Road


This city is sushi crazy. We can't get enough of raw fish wrapped in steamed rice and seaweed. Of all the gourmet offerings this world city presents diners, of all the tantalising taste sensations that await the eager Hong Kong-bound palate, sushi still rules supreme.

So when a real master – think the Chuck Norris of nori – comes to town, well people, you better pay attention! In this case the Master of the California Roll is none other than Satoshi Sase, former head slicer 'n' dicer at Sapporo's iconic Sushi Zen, where good sushi is a matter of life or death.

The perfect spot for a first date – because there is always something to discuss over a plate of raw blow fish – Sushi Sase has minimalist décor, an open kitchen so you can see the master at work, and a diverse menu of Japanese favourites, including crab legs with bonito jelly, hairy crab roe and fresh snapper sashimi.

Just be prepared for a real Japanese price tag and remember, if you want Sase-sen doing what he does best, you need to book him in advance.

The master must be called for.

Sushi Sase
Mains from $120
U/F, Hilltop Plaza, 49 Hollywood Road, Central
Tel: 2815 0455


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