Kanizen Time to Test Your Culinary Resolve


Ah crabs, the ultimate acquired taste (unless you 'acquired' them during a boys assault on Wan Chai). Some people love them, rave about them, can't get enough. And yet some people are oddly opposed to doing an autopsy at the dinner table.

The mess, the snapping and popping, the stainless steel jaws of life used to access the precious meat make crabs either a culinary Olympic sport or the degradation of our civilization.

But crustacean critics might want to head down to Wan Chai (again) before they come to a verdict on our little friends of the deep.

Kanizen is a specialty Japanese restaurant that has more crabs than an aircraft carrier. Here you'll feast on Tarabagani, the red king crab, Kegani, the smaller, more delicate horsehair crab, and even Matsubagani, queen crabs flown in from the seafood markets of Tokyo and Hokkaido.

There are comfy sofas and private rooms for when you don't like people to see your 'crab-smashing face', and the set menus at lunch feature plenty of crustacean selections, including egg custard with crab meat, crab meat on rice and even crab meatloaf for Happy Days fans.

Get cracking.


Lunch sets from $138
G/F, 3 Thomson Road, Wan Chai, Tel: 2866 1618


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