Philia Home Dinner Party Dynamos


Do you consider yourself an entertainer as well as a gourmand? Do you like cheese nights and wine soirees, fondue tastings and Tupperware meets? Do you like bake offs and cook ups, and monthly home dinner parties for all and sundry?

Were you once a host with the most that now feels as useless as a mum's college degree, thanks to the restrictive nature of Hong Kong's tiny abodes?

Philia Home might just be a heralding angel.

The new private kitchen-cum-home party venue, brought to you by the clever cookies at Philia Lounge, has opened behind the Man Mo Temple and offers the ultimate home dinner party experience.

There is a spacious living room, an open kitchen, an elegant dining room and even a spacious terrace.

Guests choose the limits: you want a spinning DJ and cocktail list? No problem. You want a completely vegan set menu matched with organic wines? This can be arranged. You want strippers dressed as Imperial courtesans serving Japanese blow fish sashimi as they strut their stuff? Let Philia look in its little book and get back to you.

Because what happens at Philia Home, stays at Philia Home.

Philia Home
Minimum spend $4,000 (weekday) or $8,000 (weekend).
Capacity: 16 for dinner, 80 for party.
G/F, 5 U Lam Terrace, Sheung Wan, Tel: 2147 2389,

Nuts & Bolts

Your own dinner party venue

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