La Pampa Let Out Your Inner Carnivore


You're a man, and men like us, well...we have needs. Sometimes these needs are not so easy to quench, like a lifetime of thirst. You'll never have quite enough cheerleaders in your life, enough weekends with the lads and golf rounds under par.

However, some cravings, like our need for red meat, is much easier to satisfy, and trust South America, land of endless jungles, rampant gun crime and Sichuan-spicy sheilas, to serve up steaks to perfection.

If you're looking for a gourmet hunk of meat and some robust red wines without breaking the budget, La Pampa might be your saving grace.

With its fair share of accolades, this iconic Soho steak house opened in 1999 and is dedicated to serving high-quality cuts from the Pampas region of Argentina, known for its inhospitable conditions and free-grazing cattle.

The meat from Pampas is chemical free and perfectly aged - about as good as it gets - and joins a menu that features succulent chorizo sausage, chicken, lamb and fish dishes, and artisan cheeses, all complemented by Argentinian wines. The perfect place for the all-important boys night out.

“My favorite animal is steak”. ~Fran Lebowitz

La Pampa
Mains from $168
G/F., 32 B&C Staunton Street, SoHo, Tel: 2868 6959,

Nuts & Bolts
A Soho steak restaurant for the price sensitive

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