ThreeSixty Mother Nature’s Hyper Market


Once upon a time it was ok to put just anything in your mouth (well, within reason). We were men, we were young and it was a time of culinary innocence, before documentaries on battery chicken farms, and controversy over bovine steroids made us start asking questions.

And now you’re not so sure; you don’t want kidney stones or to grow a third nut so late in life, so you’re trying to make better decisions with your diet and suddenly the word “organic” doesn’t only refer to your last two years at High School.

ThreeSixty was born from such worries. As one of Asia’s largest organic, natural and wholesome food markets, this place is a big step from the usual corner “health store”, that sold carob blocks, dried fruit and healing crystals. There is an extensive fresh food market, great take-home meals and a range of earth-friendly household products. There is food produced from ethical farming, and functional food for those with dietary requirements. Basically, if it’s good for you, and for Mother Nature, you’re bound to find it here, and what’s more, they do gift hampers for your recently converted friends.

Shhhh…someone’s singin' Kum Bi Ya

Located at the Landmark and Elements

Nuts & Bolts
It doesn’t have to be soy milk and granola bars to be good for you.


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