Goose Island Beer Time to Treat Your Mouth Right


While the rest of the world – including Hong Kong – is steadily catching up, there’s little doubt that the contemporary craft beer movement has its origins in North America, where rather unimpressive, mass-produced lagers have ruled supreme since the 1950s, leading to a consolidation of breweries and a homogenization of product.

Out of desperation, thirsty men were forced to start making their own beers, crafting brews that maintained traditions and offered complexity and innovation to local beer lovers. The founding of The New Albion Brewery in Sonoma, California in 1976 is widely considered the beginning of the contemporary craft brew movement and although the brewery went bust only six years later, North Americans finally had a taste for beer that wasn’t flat and flaccid. Since then craft beer has taken off, with innovative North American brands increasingly available in our fair city.

One of the contemporary faces of the craft beer movement is the Goose Island Beer Co. of Chicago, Illinois, a brewery that began life as a brewpub in 1988, at the heyday of the craft revival. Although it’s now owned by a massive conglomerate (Anheuser-Busch InBev), Goose Island maintains the craft beer momentum with both year-round and seasonal beers – from the Bourbon County Stout and the cask-conditioned Russian Imperial Stout, to the Juliet sour ale and extra bitter Autumn Experimental Ale – that are creative and intriguing. Three Goose Island beers are now available in Hong Kong: the Goose 312 Urban Wheat Ale is an award-winning American pale wheat ale that’s crisp, bright and unfiltered; while the Goose IPA is an English style Indian Pale Ale with citrus hops and a grainy bitterness; and the appropriately-named Goose Honkers Ale is an English bitter with plenty of fruity hopsy notes and a malty finish.

Nothing flaccid about that.


Goose Island Beer Co.
Available at leading bars and restaurants and for retail at The Beer Bay, Craftissimo Beer Shop, IC Beer, Ruggers and online at Ztore.


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