Mamasita’s Cantina A Touch of Real Mexico


Unless you’ve toured the country, you could be forgiven for thinking Mexico’s culinary heritage is steeped in taco shells and guacamole.

However, Mexico’s culinary history is a rich and diverse one, with influences from the Spanish, from Caribbean cultures, and from the Mayan Indians, nomadic hunters and gatherers whose meals were more infused with game and tropical fruits than bean paste and tortillas. Today, Mexican cuisine has many variations, including Tex-Mex and Cali-Mex, but wouldn’t it be nice to have something a little more authentic?

Mamasita’s Cantina in Central just might be the closest thing we have this side of the Pacific. The newest opening by ZS Hospitality, the Lyndhurst Terrace venue has a chic tequila and mescal bar upstairs, complete with a terrace you know you’re going to love as things warm up again, complementing a main dining room reached via stairs encrusted with vibrant Mexican tiles. Here a menu of authentic street food has been created by Mexican chef Edgar Navarro. Yes, you can get tried-and-tested dishes like soft tacos and tamales, and they are simply brilliant, but there are also dishes that tap into that rich Latino gastronomic tradition, from whole baked sole with adobo and coriander rub; and grilled lamb chops with hominy and yellow corn salad; to grilled marinated hanger steaks with smoky pineapple and roasted cactus; and, a great winter warmer, Birria, a Mexican stew of slow-braised New Zealand lamb leg with chickpeas, carrots and steamed tortillas. If you’re up for sharing, the Cochito Horneado slow-cooked suckling pig with apple slaw and guajillo pineapple jam will satisfy 2-3 hungry souls, especially when matched with great cocktails from upstairs, including addictive the Sante Muerte, a blend of Chivas Regal, Aperol, and house-infused beetroot and jalapeno syrup; and the silky smooth Spiky Pisco, a concoction of pear-infused spirit, lime, egg white, and lavender that’s so good it’s a religious experience.

We’re sure the Mayan gods would approve.


Mamasita’s Cantina
5-6F 8 Lyndhurst Terrace; Tel: 2896 6118.


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