The Iron Fairies Is it Date Night Already?


We’re spoiled for choice when it comes to bars and restaurants in Hong Kong, of that there is no doubt. But it can still be tricky to find just the right spot for a first date – too loud, it looks like a pick up joint, too quiet and she’ll think you’re reaching for chloroform every time you pick up your napkin.

What you need is a place that’s entertaining and immersive; a spot where there’s no awkward silences, where the food, the drinks, and the décor are conversation starters, and with a location that’s central enough to make it easy to find and even easier to leave, if you get our drift.

Enter The Iron Fairies, the latest sensation by award-winning Aussie miner-turned-design maverick Ashley Sutton. The creator of Bangkok’s Maggie Choo’s and Hong Kong’s Ophelia and J.Boroski, Sutton has imported his Tokyo and Bangkok concept to Hong Kong, with a location on Pottinger Street. Reminiscent of the designer’s days working the coal mines of Australia, The Iron Fairies is a miner’s metal workshop that’s become enchanted by fairies (you can even buy 12 fairy statuettes, complete with their own poems), and the effect is mesmerizing. With low tables, sacks of fairy dust hanging from the ceilings, metalwork tools on the walls, a hanging garden of more than 10,000 real butterflies, and a series of intimate private rooms housed in former furnaces, this is just the kind of place that appeals to the fairer sex. But don’t fear; the food is man-friendly, with head chef Todd Williams crafting head-sized Australian Angus hamburgers, fried pork knuckles, and gourmet charcuterie boards. If you’re looking for an intimate locale, book ahead for one of the private spaces, but if you like your live music, order one of bar’s vibrantly-hued cocktails and take a perch front and centre as The Iron Fairies promises a showcase of leading jazz and blues acts in the coming months.

Game on.


The Iron Fairies
LG/F, Chinachem Hollywood Centre, 1-13 Hollywood Road, Central; Tel: 2603 6992.



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