Bones & Blades Take Steak Seriously


The relationship between a man and his butcher is, in our humble option, akin to his relationship with his priest, his wife, and her sister – it’s something special.

Understanding the complex cuts of beef on offer is essential for any would-be carnivore and the local butcher should be your Virgil, your Tenzing, your Pat Morita.

Bones & Blades brings back that bromance between man and meatmonger as the city’s first butcher for conscious carnivores. Located in Sai Ying Pun, Bones & Blades is part butcher, part deli, part eatery. Embracing sustainable farming practices, this chic chapel to charcuterie only serves beef, pork and lamb that’s able to roam free, grazing on nutrient-dense grasses, untainted by antibiotics and hormones (if only we could say the same for all of our life loves). A team of master butchers educates patrons on how to prepare each cut, from Australian OBE beef and Mangalica pork to kiwi Wagyu and lamb from the Hawke’s Bay, happily revealing what’s inside their sausages and pates – which is quite refreshing in Hong Kong. Adjacent to the butcher shop is the Quartermaster, a cozy twenty seat restaurant where punters can choose their cut before watching them cooked to perfection. There’s also a menu of man-tastic burgers, from the OBE Classic to the BBQ Pulled Pork, as well as some innovative sides, matched with organic wines and imported cheeses.

Time to treat your meat as you’d treat yourself.


Bones & Blades
1 Second Street, Sai Ying Pun; Tel: 2540 0052




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