Wednesday, 22.11.2017

Rhoda The West is the Best


You might have noticed that the journey west on the Hong Kong Island tramline is becoming increasingly interesting. Perhaps you too have stopped in at the cafes of High Street, the galleries of lower Sai Ying Pun, or even popped down to Kennedy Town for brunch on the waterfront.

These once quiet (read seedy) and run down western outskirts are now the hottest destinations in the city. There’s now one more reason for you, your wolf pack, and your healthy appetite for comfort food and good drinks, to migrate west, if only for an evening.

Chef Nate Green, one of our favourite gastro gurus, is back, having once again teamed up with restauranteur Yenn Wong and interior designer Joyce Wang to create Rhoda, a sexy little spot in the unlikely locale of Shek Tong Tsui (the tram destination you always wondered how to pronounce). Dressed up in bronze and timber, with cathedral-like ceilings and a standalone cocktail bar, the focus of Rhoda is the open kitchen concept, where the bearded and inked former 22 Ships and Ham & Sherry chef (he’s the gentleman that looks somewhere between a hipster Zeus and the culinary consultant of the Hell’s Angles) makes the kind of contemporary comfort food that will make grown men howl with happiness. Kick off with some of the best Old Fashioned in the Fragrant Harbour (the bar team’s passion for hard-to-source craft bourbons is nothing short of admirable), followed by lashings of he-friendly cuisine, from bread laced with Suntory dark ale, and chicken wings glazed with Xeres vinegar, through to the exciting Mangalica pig’s head and shoulder terrine with pineapple chutney. For something a little more serious, the wild Hereford ox cheek comes with hints of star anise, and the Hawke’s Bay lamb shoulder from New Zealand spends more time in the oven then you did at work this week. Sharing is caring, especially when you’re dining with the lads, and the seafood casserole, with clams, squid, shrimp, and lobster, is a man-tastic take on the Med classic that’s made for two to four guys (depending on how big your mates are). Just be sure to book the dish (and probably your table) a minimum of 48 hours in advance, as both are as red hot as the lights of this once nefarious neighborhood used to be.

Shek Tong Tsui huh? Who’d have guessed it.

Ground floor, Upton, 345 Des Voeux Rd West; Tel: 2177 5050



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